Sale Conditions

Sale Conditions 2017-12-12T14:06:44+00:00

The conditions of sale are as follows:

  • At call we can supply a large range drugs and sanitary material not present in our directory produced.
  • The drugs are introduced with the name of the active principles.
  • For every order will be applied a contribution of 1 for packing expenses.
  • Products that need of special package for maintenance of cold cycle.
  • Where possible, will be released declaration not harmfulness of the goods, valid for the marine or air transport.
  • Upon request, we execute the shipment directly.
  • In the directory products lacks the prices, that they can be considerably various based on total of order or to the times of delivery demands. It’ll be our cure answer as soon as possible to demands for estimate, than could be send for fax or mail.

For eventual exemption Vat is needed of:

  • Declaration d’ attempt for the organisms possess that it.
  • Restitution of the customs documentation within three months from date of the invoice.
  • Engagement written for the restitution of documents described.

Medication legend:
btl = bottle
btl pvc = PVC bottle
cnf = candy
cpr = tablet
caps = capsules
flac = vial
sosp = suspension
tb = tube
supp = suppository
pz = pieces
sacch = bags
bust = sachets